(2013 - 2014 session)

Paul Flynn

November 2013

EARLY DAY MOTION 537Parliament gate image

Please ask your MP to sign this Early Day Motion, quoting the name, number and full text. At the time of writing, no West Midlands MP has signed.

hat this House is appalled at the record of delays and cost overruns of new nuclear plants; notes the French designed Olkiuoto plant started construction in May 2005 had an original promised completion date in 2009, and that construction costs have doubled and completion delayed to 2016; further notes that the similar designed Flamaville plant is suffering a three year delay with costs rising from €3.3 billion to €8.5 billion; further notes similar problems occurred at the construction of China’s Sanmen plant; believes that the new generation nuclear plants are even more unreliable than earlier plants such as Fukushima Daiichi; and calls on the Government to stop dreaming up ever more exotic subsidies to attract new foreign investors, and to support sustainable renewable energy plants producing clean and green electricity from ever lasting energy sources such as wave, wind and solar.