Trident Missile Replacement

EDM 407

(2008 - 2009 session)

Godsiff, Roger

January 2009

That this House recognises the global economic problems that currently exist and welcomes the steps taken by the Government to protect British industry, the jobs of British workers and the interests of hard-pressed British taxpayers by increasing public borrowing and indebtedness, but acknowledges that these debts will have to be repaid; believes that the commitment to spend upwards of £20 billion capital cost on the replacement of the Trident missile system needs to be reconsidered, particularly as the Vanguard class submarines which carry the missiles, supplied from America, will remain usable until 2024; and further believes that any further increased spending on the defence budget should go towards ensuring British troops are properly equipped, resourced and supplied with what they require in order to carry out the dangerous tasks given to them in different parts of the world