UK Role In Global Nuclear Disarmament

EDM 227

(2008 - 2009 session)

Davies, Dai

December 2008

That this House welcomes the article, A world without nuclear weapons, by the Foreign Secretary, published on the Comment is Free section of The Guardian website on 8 December 2008; notes his claim that the United Kingdom is committed to working actively to create a world free from nuclear weapons; contrasts this assertion with the oral response by the Secretary of State for Defence to the hon. Member for Islington North in topical questions at Defence Question Time on 3 November 2008, Official Report, column 16, that `it is vital for the long-term strategic security of the United Kingdom that we maintain our minimum nuclear deterrent. We are absolutely committed to doing so, and that will not change’; requests an assurance that the decision-making process in terms of replacement of the Trident nuclear submarine fleet will be governed by national interest and not the interest of levels of employment, in particular constituencies; and calls upon the Government to demonstrate active support for the Global Zero campaign launched in Paris on 9 December 2008, to pro-actively reduce the United Kingdom nuclear weapons of mass destruction arsenal to zero, just as United States President-elect Barack Obama has committed his incoming administration to deliver with the United States and the Russian nuclear arsenals.