Bits From Abroad

April 2014

N Korea Missile lorry

North Korea could be preparing for its fourth nuclear test in seven years, according to South Korea’s Ministry of Defence. A spokesman from South Korea’s Ministry of Defence said that the country’s intelligence agencies have detected a lot of activity in the Punggye-ri area of the country, the place where North Korea’s nuclear test site is situated.
Independent 22nd April 2014


France missilesEx-workers of Albion plateau, France‘s Soviet-era nuclear land missile base, have launched legal proceedings to receive compensation for diseases they say are linked to radiation exposure. A group of soldiers tasked with guarding the Albion military base in the Drome-Vaucluse area of southern France are fighting to have their mystery illnesses recognised, claiming protective measures were so lax that some even touched the plutonium-filled warheads with their bare hands. Dozens of soldiers have since been struck down by rare forms of cancer or bone diseases, according to Le Parisien newspaper. While the army denies any were exposed to harmful doses of radiation, some former base workers have launched lawsuits to have their conditions recognised, it emerged on Monday.

Telegraph 21st April 2014



Netherlands: On 21st March, the week before the Netherlands was to host 53 heads of state and governments for a “Nuclear Security Summit” four Dutch activists entered the security zone of Volkel Airbase, home to US nuclear bombs.  They said later that their aim was to draw attention to the lack of security in the Netherlands.  Once inside they took a picture of one of the bunkers in which US B61 nuclear bombs are kept, before being arrested and detained.

The activists, from the group “Disarm”, issued a statement saying that they wanted to draw attention to the fact that the Netherlands continues to store nuclear weapons and to propose that these weapons should be returned to US President Obama when he visited the country the following week for the security summit.