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June 2014

Nuclear Security – Like its predecessor summits, the recently concluded Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague acknowledged the role that nuclear material accounting can play in securing materials from unauthorized use. The emphasis of this and past initiatives, however, has been on improving national laws and regulations—and primarily in states without nuclear weapons. States have yet to develop comprehensive requirements that address the full scope of nuclear risks and that are meant to be adopted by all states—including nuclear weapons states.
Nuclear Security Matters 

 Nuclear Free zone

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

After spending two whole weeks in meetings in New York, states party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty closed its third preparatory committee on 9 May, the final PrepCom before the 2015 Review Conference, without adopting any agreed recommendations.
While many NPT Member States are clearly disheartened over the lack of progress, and reports on the risks connected with the continued possession of nuclear weapons flood the news, the five nuclear-armed states of the NPT presented a united front, highlighting some very modest efforts like a glossary of nuclear definitions.

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B61 Nuclear MissileParliamentarians opposed to stationing of B61 nuclear missiles in Europe  On May 6, 136 parliamentarians from several B61 host countries and European Parliament, sent a letter to members of the U.S. House and Senate to express their opposition to continuing to base the nuclear bombs in Europe and to developing a nuclear capability for F-35 aircraft. The signatories included over 100 members of the Italian Parliament as well as member of the Belgian and Dutch parliaments, asking the U.S. Congress to withhold all funds for B61 modernisation and F-35 nuclear capability, and to remove the B61 from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey.

For the full letter and list of signatories, see the FCNL website (Friends Committee on National Legislation).