July 2014

US deploying B52s to Europe



The US Air Force plans to temporarily deploy heavy bombers capable of delivering nuclear weapons to Europe one day after President Obama announced he would increase the US military presence in the region. Two B-52 Stratofortress bombers arrived at RAF Fairford, England [in early June] where airmen will train and integrate with US and allied military forces in the region, the USAF said in a news release.


Senegal’s Foreign Minister calls for nuclear weapons ban

At the UN Conference on Disarmament, the Foreign Minister of Senegal called for a treaty banning nuclear weapons. This is a sign that the anti-nuclear movement is firmly established on the world stage and is reflected in even the most staid of forums.

Senegals FM Ndiaye

In his Foreign Minister Mankeur Ndiaye noted that Senegal “urged States that have not yet done so, to amplify the momentum of the vast movement that is shaping up so that eventually, through an international convention, nuclear weapons are totally banned.”


Detecting nuclear warheads

A group of scientists from Princeton University and the US Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) are working to develop a new system that would enablePPPL-Logo UN inspectors to detect nuclear warheads without countries needing to disclose classified information. The scientists have come up with the “zero-knowledge protocol”, which would enable an inspector to inspect a weapon and then compare it to a true warhead by beaming high-energy neutrons into each warhead, and then record how many neutrons pass through to detectors positioned on the other side.
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