September 2014

USA FlagObama approves renewal of secret US-UK nuclear weapons agreement.
A controversial treaty which allows the transfer of nuclear weapons technology between the USA and the UK has been given top-level go-ahead for renewal for a further ten years.
The two nations agreed to extend the US-UK Mutual Defence Agreement (MDA) at a signing ceremony behind closed doors in Washington in July, and President Obama has now written to the US Congress requesting support for an amendment which will extend the treaty.
The President’s message to Congress states that he has “approved the amend-ment” and “authorized its execution” and urges Congress to give it “favorable consideration”. Under the US constitution, the amended treaty must be placed before Congress for 60 days to provide an opportunity for its adoption to be vetoed.
The UK Parliament will also be notified of the amendment to extend the MDA in the near future, although Parliament is in recess until September. In contrast to arrangements in the USA, there is no obligation for the government to obtain Parliamentary approval for ratification of the treaty.
President Obama’s message informs Congress that “the United Kingdom intends to continue to maintain viable nuclear forces into the foreseeable future” and that the MDA will be extended for ten years until December 31, 2024.



Abolition 2000 logo 2Abolition 2000 Global Council has urged Japan not to abandon its Peace Constitution. Since its inception, Article 9 of the constitution has been widely recognized as a regional and international peace mechanism that has been instrumental in maintaining peace and stability in Northeast Asia and has served as a legal framework to promote peace, disarmament and sustainability. It has also significantly contributed to shaping a strong anti-nuclear weapons culture in Japan and beyond. Now it is being


New-IPB-LOGOThe International Peace Bureau has announced that it will award its annual Sean MacBride Peace Prize for 2014 to the people and government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, RMI, for taking the nine nuclear weapons-possessing countries to the International Court of Justice to enforce compliance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty and international customary law.