Bits From Abroad

September 2015

Radioactive sign 2

Máximo González García, a Spanish antinucear campaigner, was imprisoned for 17 weeks in June for refusing to pay a €6,000 electricity bill in protest against the Almaraz nuclear power plant, located west of Madrid. “It’s the only option left to me,” Máximo, president of the “Association of People Affected by Almaraz” nuclear plant is reported to have commented. He’s been campaigning against the two-reactor plant for nearly 20 years. His son, now an amputee, is the only survivor among up to nine people in the immediate Jaraiz de la Vera region diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer, following a 1988 radiation leak at the plant. Many other cases of birth defects and rare cancers are reported from the area since the first Almaraz reactor opened in 1981.


obama President Obama wants to spent $1trillion on a new generation of nuclear weapons.