Bits from Abroad

October 2015

Russia may deploy Iskander ballistic missiles to its enclave of Kaliningrad if the United States upgrades its nuclear weapons in Germany, the Interfax news agency cited a military source as saying recently. “A final decision will be taken after detailed analysis of the potential threat,” the agency cited the source as saying.


An Arab bid to pressurise Israel over its assumed nuclear arsenal failed on Thursday after Washington and other powers united to reject it at the U.N. atomic watchdog’s annual gathering. The extent of the rejection – with a larger number of ‘no’s than a similar vote last year – will reassure Israel, whose relationship with the United States and other traditional allies has been strained by their support for a nuclear settlement with its enemy Iran.


N Korea Missile lorry North Korea: The South Korean government has said the planned launch of a satellite by North Korea next month is being used as a cover to disguise a test for a nuclear missile delivery system. The secretive state announced that the satellite will be launched into orbit in October, potentially to tie into the seventieth anniversary of the inception of the North Korean communist party on the 10th.


Australia: Prospects for nuclear disarmament are “bleak” under the current non-proliferation treaty, Australian diplomats have conceded in cables back to Canberra, but the country will resist growing global support for a new treaty
banning nuclear weapons because of a dependence on the nuclear deterrent capability of the US.