Bits From Abroad

November 2011

Representatives from North and South Korea have held talks in Beijing on restarting negotiations on ending North Korea’s nuclear weapons’ programme.

Speaking at the United Nations’ General Assembly, the President of Kazakhstan has said that the world “faces a paradoxical situation” in that “some states are allowed to possess and upgrade nuclear weapons while others are strictly forbidden to be engaged even in research and development.”  He called for more powers for the International Atomic Energy Agency to oversee compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Mayors for Peace is proud to announce that its membership has surpassed the 5000 mark, making Mayors for Peace not only the fastest growing association of local governments in the world, but also by far the largest international, direct-membership association of local governments.  It now has 5,020 members in 151 different countries.  The total number of citizens represented worldwide by Mayors for Peace is approaching one billion.