September 2013

A senior UN official has said that radioactive materials are still going missing and the information that the UN atomic agency receives about such incidents may only be the tip of the iceberg.  International Herald Tribune 28.6

Experts fear hotter, drier summers are putting vast areas of contaminated woodland around the Chernobylsite at risk of large-scale forest fires, resulting in toxic clouds and particles travelling across Europe. Sunday Express 30.6

A new interactive map lets users nuke any location in the world with a nuclear bomb of their choosing. The Nukemap 3D uses Google Earth images to simulate the nuclear attack and bases the animations on how mushroom clouds have behaved, using information from various nuclear tests since the 1940s. Daily Mail 22.7

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A new nuclear cooperation agreement betweenSouth Africaand the European Union will support joint nuclear research and could help open access toSouth Africa’s uranium resources.

World Nuclear News 24.7

All the locks on US nuclear missiles based in Britain had to be changed after an RAF technician discovered that his launch key also fitted in the slot reserved for an American operator.  Telegraph 1.8

Britain’s ageing nuclear submarines have been issued with ‘Code Red’ safety warnings after inspectors found radioactive leaks and a chronic shortage of Royal Navy engineers trained to repair faulty reactors.  Daily Mail 3.8

Working in top secret over a period of seventeen years, Russian and American scientists collaborated to remove hundreds of pounds of plutonium and highly enriched uranium from the remote Soviet-era nuclear test site in Kazakhstan.   New York Times 18.8