From the Papers

November 2015


Britain’s military leaders have raised the alarm over a perceived “threat to national security” arising from a multibillion pound nuclear deal with China, which sources claim could be signed as early as next week. A “well-placed defence source” told the Times that senior military officers are “very concerned by the prospect of China building a nuclear power station in Britain”. The source cited fears that “trapdoors or
backdoors” could be inserted into computer systems in order to bypass British control in the event of a diplomatic row.


ISLAMIC State will “inevitably” construct or acquire weapons of mass destruction, the former head of the British Army’s nuclear team warns.


Nearly 50 years after a US air force B-52 bomber carrying nuclear weaponscrashed in Palomares in south-east Spain, Washington has finally agreed to clean up the radioactive contamination that resulted from the crash.



Tridend sub scotland image

British industry has been warned the country’s national security will be at risk if work on the planned new generation of nuclear submarines goes over budget or hits construction delays. Firing a shot across the bows of the country’s arms manufacturers and companies in their supply chains, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon highlighted the dangers of “failing to deliver” on the nuclear Successor class submarines for the Royal Navy, which will replace the existing fleet of Vanguard class boats.