September 2014

Moving Trident
A-Royal-Navy-Trident-nucl-001-270x162According to the Royal United Service Institute’s (Rusi) report this very week, moving Trident submarines to the south-west coast of England would cost something of the order of £2.5 billion pounds, the likely worst-case scenario being £3.5bn. This is not small change even for a Ministry of Defence where failing to deliver on time, on budget and with a functioning IT system has become the default modus operandi. But it is one-tenth of the budget the doom merchants were predicting in one of their many warnings of an all-purpose Armageddon following a Yes vote. The Rusi figures also suppose that moving the full suite of submarines, support services, and high security bases from the Clyde to Devonport and Falmouth would probably not be possible by the 2020 deadline as envisaged by the Scottish Government.
The Herald


falmouth_large_03THE people of Falmouth have more to fear than most if Scotland gains its independence in September, according to a new report from the Royal United Ser-vices Institute. With Scotland declaring itself a nuclear free zone, warheads currently stored at Coulport could be moved to Falmouth to be stored in a specially built nuclear munitions facility built on the headland between Trefusis Point, Flushing and Penarrow Point, Mylor Churchtown.
Falmouth Packet


Plymouth expendable”
A spoof news website has poked fun at Plymouth today by claiming the government doesn’t care if the city was destroyed by a nuclear explosion. Satirical website The Daily Mash quoted a ‘Government spokesman’ who they claim said it would not be a big deal if Plymouth was destroyed in a nuclear explosion.
Western Morning News