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January 2015

Meteor impactIn documents developed by Los Alamos atomic weapons centre in New Mexico, nuclear missiles are cited as our only defence against the growing threat of meteors and asteroids. [In December] scientists at the centre, explained how the threatof an asteroid impact is far greater than had been previously acknowledged. Experts said that further research is required in order to determine the best method to destroy or deflect them.
Daily Express / The Times


The construction of four dwellings within a possible radiation emergency zone surrounding
the Aldermaston atomic weapons establishment (AWE) in Berkshire has been prohibited because it would increase the burden on emergency services in the event of a major emergency.
Planning Resource


iran_nuclear_sitesIran: President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that he would try to clinch a nuclear
deal with world powers despite opposition from some quarters in Iran. Rouhani was
speaking as Iran resumed talks with the United States in Geneva on its nuclear program. An eventual deal would remove sanctions imposed on Tehran.