Good News On Depleted Uranium

February 2011

Plans to upgrade ammunition containing depleted uranium are likely to be delayed or cancelled because of “the controversial status of DU, and cuts to the UK’s defence budget”.

”’Environmental effects’ appears to be the preferred term used by the arms industry when discussing the effects of DU and it has been given as a reason [by BAE systems] for discontinuing the use of DU as a penetrator material”. welcomes the decision but says that “it would be foolish to expect a company like BAE Systems, with its history of corrupt practices and sales to repressive regimes, to stick to a supposedly ethical position if it became expedient to abandon it. More fundamentally, restricting the debate to questions of environmental damage and economic cost obscures the potential human cost and the ongoing need for proper research on the effects of uranium weapons on civilians”. Jane’s International Defence Review 18.01.11

The International Campaign to Ban Uranium Weapons, and Pax Christi, have made an animated short film on the hazards of depleted uranium.  It is six and a half minutes long and available at