Help Jeju Island

August 2011

Urged by the US, South Korea wants to build a large naval base on its island of Jeju, to berth Aegis war ships.  Many of these form part of the USmissile defence system.  Building the base will destroy the environment and people’s lives and livelihoods. 
Professor Yang Yoon-Mo of Jeju Island has just been released from prison and given two years probation.  While awaiting trial, for trying to prevent his island home from being ruined, he was on hunger strike.  Another activist, Sung-Hee Choi, is in jail.  She held a banner saying “not one flower, not one stone“. 

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Please contact the South Korean Embassy in London, 60 Buckingham Gate, London,SW1E 6AJ; phone 020 7227 5500, Fax: 020 7227 5503.
Send a photo of the island, a poem, a drawing, even an origami crane.  
Send letters to Sung-Hee at:
Choi Sung-Hee, No. 36. Jeju prison,
161 Ora-2-dong,  JejuCity,S. Korea.