Hilda Murrell

November 2011

Many of you will remember the tragic death in 1984 of Hilda Murrell, the Shrewsbury rose grower, who was abducted from her home and later found dead in a nearby copse.

Her nephew, Commander Rob Green, has always been convinced that the murder was connected to his aunt’s work to expose risks at the planned Sizewell nuclear reactor.  After a huge amount of research, Rob has now published a book, “A Thorn In Their Side”, citing evidence which, he believes, could lead to the acquittal of the man serving fifteen years for the abduction and murder.
He said: “My primary and immediate motive is to expose explosive new evidence which proves at least one other man was involved in Hilda’s murder. This would probably acquit Andrew George.

I believe this book provides enough evidence, known to both prosecution and defence but not put to the jury or Appeal Court judges in 2006, to reopen the coroner’s inquest into Hilda’s death.

Rob now lives in New Zealand, where there was a very successful launch of the book.  It is cheaper to send books to this country in bulk, so, if you would like a copy, please contact Jenny on 07711 788 506, or jennywmcnd@gn.apc.org.  Please tell your local bookshop about it, particularly if you live in Shropshire.  For more information, see www.hildamurrell.org.   The latest media interviews with Rob re the book are on the site under News/Links.