New Build Or Not

September 2011

In July, the House of Commons approved a package of Energy National Policy Statements which will inform planning decisions on renewable projects, including nuclear, allowing companies to present applications for new nuclear power stations.  However, the French company, EDF, has said it will issue a “revised timetable” for the nuclear power stations it is planning to build in the UK, as its new plant in France is severely delayed and over budget.
Greenpeace UK has served legal papers on the government for unlawfully failing to take into account the implications of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in their future planning for the building of new nuclear power stations.
Austria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, and Portugalare now all non-nuclear. Germany, Belgium, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland have, or had, plans to phase out nuclear power.  Although Sweden has given up those plans, it is unlikely to build new plants.