Nuclear armed bases across Europe

February 2014

Interceptor Missile

Rae Street, well-known to CND members, reminded us in a letter to The Guardian printed on 25th January that there are “five nuclear armed bases in non-nuclear countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey. The host countries, in times of conflict, can take control of the nuclear armed planes; their pilots are trained to do this. Further, the states, including the UK, are tied into Nato’s nuclear policies which still, unbelievably, include the first use of nuclear weapons. So, effectively, not only the UK but the whole of Europe is part of the US offensive posture….. the US is developing new, faster aircraft which could be configured for Europe – part of the Pentagon’s prompt global strike programme……. to achieve any moves towards a more stable world, there should be questions asked in the UK and Europe on Nato: its domination by the Pentagon, its global reach and its dangerous nuclear policies.”