Nuclear Power

July 2015

The Pentagon’s top arms provider and firms partly funded by Silicon Valley billionaires Bill Gates and Paul Allen are among dozens of companies collectively betting more than $1.3 billion that a new wave of nuclear power can be a force to fight climate change. Advanced nuclear power plants, which will employ techniques such as using fuels other than uranium and coolants other than water, have attracted private investments from more than 40 companies from Florida to Washington state.


Newport West MP Paul Flynn fears that a financial and safety ‘catastrophe’ could await if the Government keeps nuclear plans in place. Civil servants have a duty to break their silence and declare the time for nuclear power is over, veteran Welsh Labour MP Paul Flynn said as he launched a scathing attack on the UK Government’s plans to develop the industry. The Newport West MP secured a Westminster Hall debate at which he raised safety worries and warned of multibillion pound costs to the taxpayer. He said: “Nuclear power was promised as an energy source that would be too cheap to meter. It is now too expensive to generate.”


A trade union has written to the government warning of the impact a new nuclear power station in Bradwell would bring. GMB fear that the Bradwell site, currently going through the decommissioning process, will be handed over to Chinese investors interested in reviving nuclear energy in the area. The letter, addressed to Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Amber Rudd, reads: “We are concerned at the prospect of the Bradwell nuclear site being handed over lock, stock and barrel to the Chinese National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).The idea that a Chinese state company will be given a site in the UK not far from London where they can use Chinese labour to construct a reactor to be made in China and using Chinese components would in our view constitute economic madness and raises serious safety issues.”