Nuclear Power

October 2015

Radioactive sign 2

Sub-Saharan economies are now looking at setting up nuclear plants. The continent, with large deposits of uranium, is turning to nuclear power because of its low carbon footprint, emissions and running costs. South Africa, the only country in Africa that has an operational nuclear power generator, is ramping up its nuclear projects by constructing a new and bigger reactor, pushing nuclear technology to a new level on the continent. In East Africa, Kenya and Uganda are making progress in nuclear technology with both currently involved with the pre-feasibility study of their nuclear energy programmes.

nuclear Power StationNo progress has been made in a deal allowing China to begin work on a new nuclear reactor in Bradwell. It was reported last week that Prime Minister David Cameron was on the verge of signing an agreement for the first Western, Chinese-operated, prototype nuclear reactor at the site. But EDF Energy, which owns the land next to Bradwell Power Station, said there were no plans for work to start.


Even many of the supporters of nuclear energy in the “environmentalist” camp — such as George Monbiot, Mark Lynas and Chris Goodall — are now advocating for the cancellation of the Hinckley C project in the UK, as evidenced by an article recently published by the three mentioned above.

Nuclear Radioactive wasteIn Kiev at the end of August the first hearing took place in a case brought by Energoatom, Ukraine’s state-owned nuclear power plants operator, against the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU), a civil society group, member of the CEE Bankwatch Network. Energoatom accuses the activists of supposedly
spreading false information on those of Ukraine’s nuclear reactors operating beyond their design lifetime.