January 2014

 Elevated cancer levels in Fukushima F Radiation USA Deaths

USS Reagan & Fukushima cancer levels are miles above comparative levels, according to John Ward. Slowly, the world is waking up to the realities of Japan’s nuclear catastrophe: this disaster is real. Evidence is coming through to flatly contradict Establishment reassurances about cancer levels both among Fukushima residents, and on board USS Ronald Reagan – the US aircraft carrier that sailed offshore from Fukushima after the 2011 tsunami to bring aid and relief to a stricken population.
(Ecologist 25th Dec 2013)

toshiba ltopToshiba now involved in NuGen 

The Spanish owner of ScottishPower has sold its stake in the NuGen domestic nuclear consortium to Toshiba. The sale means that most of the world’s big nuclear players now have a foothold on British soil. The Government hopes to use nuclear as a central plank in its energy policy and wants to replace aged and polluting power plants with modern technology, including at a site in Sellafield. The coalition has said that it is keen to encourage outside investment in new nuclear plants and the arrival of Toshiba will fuel speculation that the Japanese group will play a role in future ventures. It already owns Westinghouse, which builds nuclear plants.
(Times 24th Dec 2013)


hinkley_highprice_webposter1Ofgem refuses to investigate China’s involvement in UK nuclear power

Energy regulator Ofgem has said it will not investigate whether China is a suitable partner to help build Britain’s next generation of nuclear power stations. Two state-owned Chinese companies, China
General Nuclear Power and China National Nuclear Corp, are lined
up to become co-investors with France’s EDF on the £14 billion Hinkley Point C nuclear plant project in Somerset. Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, one senior Tory MP called the deal a ‘Faustian pact’ for
Britain, given concerns over China’s record in foreign affairs, alleged cyber attacks on Western industry and human rights buses. But companies are Ofgem said it will not examine China’s involvement as long as its minority investors with EDF as the main holder of the electricity generation licence.

(This is Money 28th Dec 2013)