Nuclear Power

January 2015

Sizewell B Power stationSizewell B nuclear power station Around 7,000 homes and businesses in Sizewell,Leiston and Aldringham will receive letters explaining the changes, which experts say reflect the reduced risk following the de-fuelling of Sizewell A. Parts of the emergency plan zone will stretch up to around 3km from the power stations. People living in this zone will be alerted to any serious incident at Sizewell and be updated with information and advice on taking shelter or evacuation, while those within one km will be issued with potassium iodate tablets (stable iodine) as a counter-measure.
East Anglian Daily Times


Drone AmericanNuclear power stations are highly vulnerable to drone attack, according to a confidential report. Compiled by a British nuclear expert, John Large, the report followed a number of unexplained, butapparently co-ordinated, flights of tiny, unmanned vehicles over French nuclear installations. The issues uncovered there were equally relevant to the UK’s 16 operational reactors. In public evidence to the French parliament, Mr Large said he set the defences of a standard nuclear power plant against different types of attack that could be launched by drones, such as precisely placed explosive devices and the dropping off of equipment that would aid an insider saboteur.


Molly catoSOUTH-WEST Green MEP Molly Scott Cato has met with the new EU Competition Commissioner to challenge her over the decision to give the green light to the financial deal on Hinkley C nuclear power station. Ms Scott-Cato said the meeting with Commissioner Vestager was an important opportunity to make representations on behalf of the many businesses in the South-West which could be hit by what she claims is the unfair competition the deal represents, and her many constituents who oppose Hinkley C. She said: “I wanted a clearer under-standing of Commissioner Vestager’s position on nuclear and Hinkley in particular and to establish how and whether decisions taken by the previous Commission can be challenged.”
Bridgwater Mercury