The Criminality Of Nuclear Weapons

May 2011

The World Court Project and the Institute for Law Accountability and Peace are launching a new campaign and inviting you “to endorse freedom from Nuclear Weapons by signing an Affirmation rejecting all uses of these engines of mass destruction”.

If you believe that any use of nuclear weapons would be a war crime sign a personal affirmation stating this at

A group can sign up at

 What others have said about the use of nuclear weapons
The whole point of the nuclear deterrent is to deter, therefore we shall not use it.  Defence Secretary, Liam Fox
By claiming British nuclear weapons will never be used, Liam Fox negates their raison d’etre as a deterrent.  Retired Commander Robert Green

If a commander were ever to launch strategic nuclear missiles, this would be contrary to the laws of armed conflict. 
Former US submarine commander, Captain Rogers

To drop a nuclear bomb in any circumstances whatever … would be the final iniquity.  Victor Gollancz

Switzerland has denounced nuclear weapons as immoral and illegal and declared that their use violates the fundamental principles and rules of international humanitarian law.  President of the Swiss Confederation

We either destroy it or it will destroy us.  Judge Christopher Weeramantry, former World Court Judge

It is clear that there is an increasing need in the modern world for citizens to take a greater interest in international law and in the way their government fulfils its obligation in this regard.  Campaigner Angie Zelter

More information on the campaign is at