The Labour Party And Trident

April 2012

Last month, we reported a speech by Nick Brown MP, chief whip in the last Labour government, in which he announced that he now opposes Trident replacement. And the surprisingly fragile nature of Labour’s support for Trident replacement is underlined by, of all people, Tony Blair in his memoirs (page 635/6).

• “I did not think this was a ‘tough on defence’ versus ‘weak on defence or pacifist’ issue at all.”

• “The expense is huge, and the utility in a post-Cold War world is less in terms of deterrence, and non-existent in terms of military use.”

• “It is true that it is frankly inconceivable we would use our nuclear deterrent (sic) alone, without the US.”

• “So, after some genuine consideration and reconsideration, I opted to renew it [Trident]. But the contrary decision would not have been stupid.” (Our emphasis)

• In the end giving up Trident would be “too big a downgrading of our status as a nation”.

Please contact Labour leader, Ed Miliband, or House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. Ask him to re-consider his support for any replacement at all for Trident. If you have a Labour MP, please write to him/her. Do use the above quotes, and please let WMCND know how you get on.

Thanks to Andrew Batho for this information.