January 2014

HMS AmbushTrident replacement programme, Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has released a concept image of the Royal Navy’s next ballistic nuclear missile submarine. This coincides with the awarding of two contracts to BAE
Systems Maritime-Submarines for £47 million (US$76 million) and £32 million (US$60 million) to begin preliminary design work on the nuclear-powered submarines, currently called the Successor class, which are intended to replace the Navy’s ageing fleet of
Vanguard-class boats by 2028.
(Gizmag 17th Dec 2013)


TRIDENT contracts

In response to a written question by Paul Flynn MP, Philip Dunne, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, provided details of contracts relating to the replacement for the Vanguard Class submarines. In the Design Phase these include Babcock, Rolls Royce and BA Systems.

BAE Logo

Submarine builders in Barrow have won contracts worth £79m, for initial work on Britain’s next generation of nuclear deterrent subs. The Ministry of Defence announced it had agreed two contracts with BAE Systems. The initial work includes structural fittings, electrical
equipment, castings and forgings which must be ordered now, according to Defence Secretary Philip Hammond. The new vessels are due to enter service by 2028.
(ITV 16th Dec 2013)