Trident and Related news

October 2015

awe_atom Aldermaston: The Government has delayed a decision on the management of the Atomic Weapons Establishment, which is currently run by British outsourcer Serco and US giants Lockheed Martin and Jacobs Engineering but has been plagued with cost overruns and delays. …. It emerged earlier this year that the Ministry of Defence was reviewing its contract with the consortium, which had been due to run to 2025, after a series of independent reviews. It is believed that recommendations in these reports included bringing the contract in-house at the MoD, so that the private sector would become a support partner rather than lead work at the AWE. Another option is to re-let the contract, should the MoD conclude that the consortium has not fulfilled its obligations.


TridentAP460 A leading Scottish defence expert has warned that there is no evidence the Scottish public are opposed to Trident and that it would be “very risky and probably unwise” for the SNP to base a second independence referendum on opposition to the renewal of the nuclear weapons system. Over the weekend former SNP leader Alex Salmond indicated that a £100bn renewal of the UK’s nuclear deterrent could prompt a second Scottish independent referendum, telling The Herald that opposition to weapons of mass destruction was “in the SNP’s DNA.” This was followed by party leader Nicola Sturgeon saying that Chancellor George Osborne was “arrogantly pressing ahead” with Trident investment “even though the House of Commons hasn’t decided to renew Trident”.


A-Royal-Navy-Trident-nucl-001-270x162 A British nuclear submarine has been caught on camera after it apparently became stricken with technical problems while on a top-secret mission in one of the most dangerous parts of the world. Satellite images show the Royal Navy vessel undergoing repairs at a port less than 100 nautical miles from Iran.