Trident and Related News

November 2015

cut trident not jobs

The post-election debate on replacing the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system is welcome and necessary but so far has not dealt with the underlying political meaning of the UK being a nuclear weapon state (NWS) and what it would mean for it to disarm. A more far-reaching debate took place in the early 1980s, which is the last time a Labour leader proposed unilateral disarmament and questioned the UK’s role in NATO and its relationship with the US. Groups in favour of scrapping Trident need to understand the deeper political meaning of the UK’s nuclear status if they are to overcome the obstacles to and seize the opportunities for disarmament in the years ahead.

 THE SNP will seek to expose deep divisions within Labour by calling a Commons debate on Trident before the end of the year, it has emerged. Angus Robertson, the Nationalists’ leader at Westminster, said he hoped to use an Opposition Day Debate to call for Britain’s nuclear deterrent to be scrapped. The move would highlight the damaging split that has opened up within Labour since Mr Corbyn, a staunch opponent of nuclear weapons, was elected leader.


No Faith in trident logo.jpg 2 Ask your MP to sign EDM 73 on Trident MPs have tabled Early Day Motion 73 Trident and the Strategic Defence and Security Review which calls on the Government to ensure that the current Strategic Defence and Security Review includes options for future defence without nuclear weapons.