Trident and Related News

May 2015


DOCKYARD jobs would not be lost if Trident was scrapped with skilled engineers able to move into the renewable sector, the Green Party told Plymouth. One of the key defence policies from the party is to get rid of Britain’s nuclear deterrent – four submarines which carry nuclear missiles. Deputy leader Amelia Womack, who is currently touring the South West, said a push to reinvest in renewable energy and marine science would ensure skilled engineering jobs, currently put to use refitting and refuelingthe submarines, would remain in the city.


Vladimir PutinPutin has made the nuclear question even more complicated – and Trident may not be the answer Interesting and in-depth article by Paul The Guardian 20.04.15:


A government watchdog has reprimanded the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarine base at Devonport in Plymouth after a string of safety breaches. The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has served the base with a legal enforcement notice to remedy flaws in the arrangements for protecting workers from radiation. It has also disclosed five incidents in which safety rules were broken between October and December last year, and described the procedures for reporting incidents as “significantly below standard”.


BAE Logo

In 2007 the arms company BAE Systems offered £400,000 to sponsor the proposed academy in Barrow-in- Furness, the Cumbrian town where the company builds nuclear submarines. This sponsorship was at the time the arms giant was under criminal investigation in Britain, the US and Europe over corruption allegations. Now after just a couple of years the expensive Furness Academy is failing and Europe’s biggest arms dealer is stepping in to ‘save the day’… looks like BAE are to have sole influence on Barrovian children!