Trident Weapons system

December 2015


Could Trident move to Ulster? A politician in the North of Ireland has offered the services of loughs and ports to store Britain’s nuclear missiles if they are removed from Scotland. Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) MP Jeffrey Donaldson made the comments during a House of Commons debate in November in which a Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) politician said most Scottish MPs want the Trident missiles out of Scotland. “With support for the Union in Northern Ireland growing ever stronger, may I help to assuage the concerns of the Right Honourable Member for Moray by saying that we have lots of loughs and lots of ports, and that if the government ever need a new home for Trident, Ulster isthere,” Mr Donaldson said.


The UK’s former defence secretary Des Browne has issued a stark warning that the country’s nuclear weapons could be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Browne is seeking assurance from the Prime Minister that they are secured against attacks from hostile states such as China and Russia.


At its recent meeting in Oxford, the Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) English Forum heard about increasing safety concerns within the defence nuclear sector. Such concerns alarm the NFLA as the recent announcement of the Government’s Strategic Defence and
Security Review said virtually nothing about improving defence nuclear safety.