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Congratulations to ICAN on their Nobel Peace Prize! Our readers will know about ICAN's activities, including this one: On 20th September, the brand new Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons opened for signature. 50 states signed it within eight hours. The Nuclear Information Servas has updated its briefing, which can be found her :  https://vimeo.

Bits From Abroad

The escalating threats between North Korea and the United States make it easy to forget the “nuclear nightmare,” as former US Secretary of Defense William J. Perry put it, that could result even from the use of just a single terrorist nuclear bomb in the heart of a major city.

Trident Nuclear Weapons

NIS (Nuclear Information Service) has released a report discussing the accident record of the UK's nuclear weapons programme over its 65 year history. The report describes 110 accidents, near misses, and dangerous occurrences that have occurred over the 65 year history of the UK's nuclear weapons p…

International News

The White House's budget blueprint seeks to revive spending for a hotly contested facility in Nevada that would store the nation's nuclear waste.

Bits from Abroad

US President, Donald Trump will propose offering to end sanctions imposed on Russia for its annexation of Crimea in return for a nuclear arms reduction deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin.