Trident Nuclear Weapons

NIS (Nuclear Information Service) has released a report discussing the accident record of the UK's nuclear weapons programme over its 65 year history. The report describes 110 accidents, near misses, and dangerous occurrences that have occurred over the 65 year history of the UK's nuclear weapons programme.   With official approval for renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system and the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station coming …

From the Papers

The Government has been called “reckless and irresponsible” after it refused to send a single representative to United Nations (UN) talks about a ban on nuclear weapons. The Foreign Office revealed that no one from the UK attended a February meeting ahead of the negotiations and no one would go…

Trident & Related News

Write to their MPs to demand an inquiry after the news that Theresa May covered up a failed Trident missile test in 2016. You can do this via the web-page   SCOTTISH artist and director David Newbigging is planning to make a film documenting the alarmin…

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The Scottish government is expected to make a statement this week on the transportation of radioactive material from a Highlands airport.

Nuclear News

The nuclear industry is bidding behind closed doors to relax safety standards by doubling the number of cracks allowed in the radioactive cores of Scotland’s ageing reactors.