Campaign DVD’s

These films were shown at the The Renoir cinema in central London as part of a programme called CND Shorts.

Faslane 365

Aldermaston 50 years on

A brief background from the people who made the films:

“myself and a friend have been working on a documentary on the history of CND for over a year now, in collaboration with the London office of CND. We both have other paid employment so this project is purely a labour of love. We also recently set up a website, which explains the project further & which features some other short films relating to CND. These films (including the 2 links above) can be considered as ‘by products’ of the main film which will be completed bythis July.

“Today’s war mongering politics impact all of us, even though not enough people are still prone to get involved. Perhaps if people realised that if all of us take a little more of an interest then another world is possible; otherwise the current state of affairs is the legacy that we will leave behind for our children.

“I would like to emphasise that the reason we have been making these films is because we genuinely want to make a difference and we believe that the first step towards that is increasing awareness of important issues. The mainstream media has become so corporatised that it consistently fails to report on issues that do not match the corporate agenda. See a short film we made on this issue –

The Media & the War conference