Landmark Iran Deal in crisis

  President Trump announced US withdrawal from the deal last year. The withdrawal, fresh sanctions and a ramping up of the US military presence in the Middle East, has led to serious doubts about the future of the deal – and of peace in the region. Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has announced today that he will halt some of the commitments agreed under the accord, in line with a dispute resolution mechanism included in the deal.

Nato and Russia

More than 20 peace activists from Sweden, England, Nepal, Canada and the US are visiting Russia from April 25-May 10 for a study tour intended to build a peace bridge between the people of their nations.

Norway Radioactive Leak in Sea

  This summer, Norwegian and Russian scientists will plumb the depths of one of the Cold War’s most enduring legends – the Komsomolets nuclear submarine, which sank 30 years ago off Norway’s northern coast, killing 41.


Nuclear “icebreaker” ship being built by China weighs 33,000-tons, is 500-feet long and can break through ice sheets – but is it a prototype for a military vessel?

USA & the Middle East

  The United States has given the green light to companies to work on six nuclear projects in Saudi Arabia, Energy Secretary Rick Perry said, despite lawmakers' worries that the kingdom could …