Events Archive

3rd Aug, 2019

Birmingham Hiroshima Day

6th Jul, 2019

Moseley Festival CND Stall

16th Mar, 2019

WMCND Stall Birmingham

20th Oct, 2018

CND AGM & Conference 2018 Bristol

6th Aug, 2018

Hiroshima Day Hereford

4th Aug, 2018

Hiroshima Day Birmingham

1st Apr, 2018

AWE Aldermaston CND’s 60th Anniversary Event

17th Mar, 2018

Trident Wise? Public Meeting Birmingham

21st Feb, 2018

Stop the War Coalition Birmingham

25th Nov, 2017

Greenham Rocking The Wire Play Birmingham

1st Nov, 2017

Coventry Peace Festival 1-14 November

7th Aug, 2017

Hiroshima Day Hereford

6th Aug, 2017

Hiroshima Day Coventry

5th Aug, 2017

Hiroshima Day Birmingham

9th Jul, 2017

WMCND Stall-Ludlow Green Festival

1st Jul, 2017

Moseley Festival-Bham CND Stall

17th Jun, 2017

Leamington Peace Festival

12th May, 2017

Play on Chernobyl Birmingham

4th May, 2017

Play on Chernobyl Coventry

29th Apr, 2017


9th Mar, 2017

Birmingham CND Meeting

4th Mar, 2017

NHS not Trident bloc at It’s Our NHS demonstration London

21st Feb, 2017

Hereford Millichap Peace Lecture

16th Nov, 2016


25th Oct, 2016

Hereford Peace Council Millichap Peace Lecture

13th Oct, 2016

Birmingham CND Meeting

3rd Oct, 2016

CND fringe meeting at Conservative Party Conference Bham

2nd Oct, 2016

Tory Party Conference Birmingham

1st Oct, 2016

Croughton March & Rally Keep Space for Peace

24th Sep, 2016

Peter Kennard Exibition MAC Birmingham

2nd Sep, 2016

Green Party Conference Birmingham

6th Aug, 2016

Hiroshima Day Lichfield

6th Aug, 2016

Hiroshima Day Hereford

6th Aug, 2016

Hiroshima Day Coventry

6th Aug, 2016

Hiroshima Day Birmingham

23rd Jul, 2016

ICAN Public meeting. Nuclear Convoys in West Midlands

18th Jul, 2016

CND Stop Trident Protest-Parliament Sq London

18th Jun, 2016

Leamington Peace Festival- WMCND Stall

1st Jun, 2016


20th May, 2016

Hereford-Public meeting UK’s Nuclear Weapons

23rd Apr, 2016

Clun-World War 1 Exhibition

21st Apr, 2016

WMCND AGM Birmingham

18th Apr, 2016

Play-Chernobyl A Nuclear Disaster Birmingham

19th Mar, 2016

Fly Kites not Drones

18th Mar, 2016

Hereford Public Meeting Trident

12th Mar, 2016

Bham/Play Conscientious Objectors in World War 1

10th Mar, 2016

Birmingham CND Meeting

7th Mar, 2016

Hall Green CND Meeting

27th Feb, 2016

London-Stop Trident National Demo /Regional Coaches

13th Feb, 2016

Hall Green CND Public meeting Bruce Kent

11th Feb, 2016

Birmingham CND Meeting

23rd Jan, 2016

Pax Christi Public Meeting Birmingham

14th Jan, 2016

Birmingham CND Meeting

12th Dec, 2015

National demonstration against the bombing of Syria/ STWC

29th Nov, 2015

Climate Justice March London

26th Nov, 2015

CND & Greenham Common / James Hinton Coventry

12th Nov, 2015

Birmingham CND Meeting

4th Nov, 2015

Stop Trident Lobby-London

28th Oct, 2015

Coventry’s Annual Peace Lecture

24th Oct, 2015

WMCND Stall Vegan Festival Wolverhampton

14th Oct, 2015

The War Game + Pandora’s Box Oswestry

8th Oct, 2015

Birmingham CND Meeting

4th Oct, 2015

Tory Party Conference Demo Manchester

3rd Oct, 2015

Croughton Rally and Concert

20th Sep, 2015

International Peace Day Celebration Hereford

8th Aug, 2015

Hiroshima Event Lichfield

8th Aug, 2015

Hiroshima Day Birmingham

6th Aug, 2015

Hiroshima Day Coventry

6th Aug, 2015

Hiroshima Day Hereford

30th Jul, 2015

Peace News Summer Camp in Shropshire

13th Jul, 2015

Hereford Peace Council AGM

4th Jul, 2015

Birmingham CND Stall-Moseley

20th Jun, 2015

Austerity Demo/Scrap Trident bloc London

8th Jun, 2015

Hereford Peace Council Meeting

5th Jun, 2015

Hereford Peace Council quiz

11th May, 2015

Hereford Peace Council

1st May, 2015

WMCND Stall Wolverhampton May Day Event

26th Apr, 2015

Vote out Trident Stall Birmingham

17th Apr, 2015

Fellowship of Reconciliation Annual conference

13th Apr, 2015

Vote Out Trident: Party & Protest London

9th Apr, 2015

WMCND AGM Birmingham

5th Apr, 2015

Faith & Action: Quakers & the First World War. Birmingham

12th Mar, 2015

Birmingham CND Meeting

2nd Mar, 2015

Burghfield Lockdown & Protest

12th Feb, 2015

Birmingham CND Meeting

10th Feb, 2015

No to Drones Vigil at Shenstone

24th Jan, 2015

Wrap up Trident Demo

17th Jan, 2015

The case against Trident-Bruce Kent/Wolverhampton

8th Jan, 2015

Birmingham CND Meeting

13th Nov, 2014

Birmingham CND Meeting

11th Nov, 2014

Hereford-Exhibition on Conscientious Objectors WW1

25th Oct, 2014

WMCND Stall Wolverhampton Vegan Fest

22nd Oct, 2014

Midlands Quakers in World War I

19th Oct, 2014

National CND AGM London

16th Oct, 2014

Lichfield Peace Forum

10th Oct, 2014

Shenstone Drones factory Vigil

4th Oct, 2014

‘USAF’ CROUGHTON. Keep Space for Peace Rally at US Communications Base.

2nd Oct, 2014

Birmingham/Arms Traders CAAT Speaker at UNA AGM

28th Sep, 2014

Welfare not Warfare Demonstrate at Conservative Party Conference Birmingham

21st Sep, 2014

Hereford Peace Council – Peace Concert

5th Sep, 2014

Penn Quakers Meeting- on Trident

9th Aug, 2014

CND & Action AWE – Wool against Weapons

14th Jul, 2014

Hereford Peace Council

10th Jul, 2014

Birmingham CND Meeting

19th Jun, 2014

Lichfield Peace Forum

12th Jun, 2014

Birmingham CND Meeting

7th Jun, 2014

Birmingham-Bruce Kent Meeting on Trident

18th May, 2014

Ceremony for Conscientious Objectors Day

12th May, 2014

Hereford Peace Council

10th Apr, 2014


29th Mar, 2014

Public Meeting Shrewsbury-Hilda Murrell

24th Feb, 2014

Malvern Churches Justice and Peace group

20th Feb, 2014

Lichfield Peace Forum

13th Feb, 2014

Birmingham CND

13th Jan, 2014

Hereford Peace Council meeting

12th Jan, 2014

Aldermaston Peace Camp

1st Jan, 2014


9th Jun, 2013

Shrewsbury Meeting – Bruce Kent / Scrap Trident