Bits from Abroad

February 2013

France‘s president says the country will maintain its costly nuclear arsenal despite looming military budget cuts, as it is essential for national defence.


South Africa‘s weapons-grade uranium left over from the apartheid era is being turned into medical isotopes that can detect cancer and other diseases.


Officials in Indian-controlled Kashmir are warning residents to be prepared for a possible nuclear war, by building bomb-proof basements and collecting two weeks’ worth of food and water.


North Korea has responded to tighter UN sanctions with a threat to conduct another nuclear test, which the regime said would target its greatest enemy, theUS.


The Dutch Parliament has passed a motion calling on the government to make the removal of tactical nuclear weapons a “hard goal”.


The International Atomic Agency has said  that it has no indications that an explosion took place at an Iranian nuclear facility, as reported by Israeli and US media.


In the Santiago Declaration, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States has reaffirmed the priority objective of reaching a world free from nuclear weapons.