Bruce Kent on Trident

May 2013

We, as a country, are moving towards replacing – at vast expense – ‘our’ present Trident submarines and their murderous missiles and warheads with a new generation, planned to last for another 30 years.  Despite majority public opinion against, there is no clearly articulated political opposition to replacement, … so the Government is just attempting to go ahead with its project through a series of small steps – all of which will make it very difficult, if not impossible, to say NO when a vote comes in 2016.


But the connection between the £100 billion to be spent on Trident and these savage cuts is not being made even by charities and NGOs that work in hardest-hit sectors.    Nor is any link being made with our obligation, as a country, to negotiate the elimination of all nuclear weapons. If we replace Trident, in any shape or form, other countries will take the message from us that we think nuclear weapons improve our security. It’s an open invitation to get their own.


I want Labour Party ‘top brass’ to realise that getting rid of Trident can be here – as well as inScotland– a vote winner. I want anti-poverty NGOs of all sorts to join us in opposing this disgraceful squandering of public money which has everything to do with national pride and nothing to do with national security.