National News

September 2020

As the world remembers Hiroshima, we face a new nuclear arms race. World View: Risk of nuclear weapons being used is higher now than during the cold war.


Russia’s apparent test-firing of an antisatellite weapon in outer space on 15 July, as alleged by the US and Britain, could be dismissed as another of Vladimir Putin’s annoying provocations. That would be a mistake. The alleged new space weapon should be seen in the broader context of a rapidly evolving, hi-tech, high-risk international arms race involving all the major nuclear powers that, largely undiscussed, is spinning out of control.


Allowing the UK to retain nuclear submarines in Scotland after independence could bring in enough revenue to pay for a planned Scottish Defence Force (SDF), according to the leader of the SNP’s CND group. The nationalists have a policy to remove nuclear weapons from Scottish soil quickly in the event that the country secedes from the UK, and the party’s CND group will call at the next SNP conference for the removal of the Trident missile system and Vanguard-class subs within three years of a “yes” vote. However, in a new paper, the SNP CND convener Bill Ramsay says “negotiating cards” could be played by both sides if Scots vote for independence, with the UK government likely to want to turn the Faslane naval base into a “de facto colonial possession”.