Nuclear Power

April 2016

China has started work on a nuclear reactor housed in a floating vessel as part of plans to transform its energy mix. The small, modular, offshore and multipurpose reactor will be the first of its kind worldwide, with construction slated for next year and generation to commence in 2020. Approved by China’s National Development and Reform Commission, General Nuclear’s floating reactors are part of the country’s strategy to develop innovative energy technologies.


  Nuclear cargo: Highlands Against Nuclear Transport (HANT) is concerned about a press release dated 14/3/16 issued by CORE (Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment) stating that the 29 year old nuclear cargo ship MV Oceanic Pintail arrived in Barrow-in-Furness on 14 March 2016 with a cargo of “exotic fuels” – unirradiated plutonium / highly enriched uranium originating from Dounreay and shipped from Scrabster.


Map of world nuclear power stations From the latest crisis over plans for Hinkley Point in the UK, to Friday’s fifth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster
nuclear power plants are currently much in the news. To help provide a global overview of the nuclear power sector both today and throughout its history, Carbon Brief has produced this interactive map. It shows the location, operating status and generating capacity of all 667 reactors that have been built, or are under construction, around the world, ever since Russia’s tiny Obninsk plant became the first to supply power to the grid in 1954.