Nuclear Power

September 2020

It will take until 2333 for the land on which Dounreay nuclear reactor facility sits to be safe for re-use, following remediation work by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.


Belarus has begun loading uranium fuel into the first of two reactors at its controversial Russian-built nuclear power plant, which has raised concerns in neighboring Lithuania and other Baltic states.


Russia and Germany have taken advantage of the coronavirus crisis to resume shipping radioactive waste to dump in the Urals and Siberia in northern Russia. When Russian environmental groups discovered, in autumn 2019, that Germany was exporting radioactive waste from its nuclear power stations to Russia, via the harbour of Amsterdam, they organized protests in the three countries. Those protests were successful, and the transport by rail and sea of uranium – a waste product of nuclear fuel production by Urenco Germany – was put on hold. in March 2020, when Covid-19 lockdowns restricted people’s right to protest in Russia even further, the shipments of radioactive waste were set to resume.


The unloading of used nuclear fuel from Russian storage facilities at the former onshore technical base of the Navy in in Andreeva Bay near Murmansk is planned to be fully completed by 2027, state nuclear corporation Rosatom said on 6th August. The storage facility, established in the 1960s, is the largest such facility in Northwest Russia and one of the biggest in the world. To date more than 30% of the fuel has been removed from Andreeva Bay and sent for processin