December 2013

The Commons Public Accounts Committee has said that the £70bn project to clean up Sellafield, Europe’s most hazardous nuclear site, is more than a decade behind schedule, £2 billion over budget and is managed in shareholder, not taxpayer, interests.


.Another report detailing the problems at Sellafield, produced by the accountant KPMG, raises security issues, saying that, since April 2012, there had been 11.5 “security events” per month.  It criticised the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, for extending Nuclear Management Partners’ £5 billion contract to clean up the site, even though its performance to date had included overspending, failure to reach operational targets and weak leadership.

Other nuclear power news

 The World Bank and United Nations have appealed for billions of dollars to provide electricity for the poorest nations but said there would be no investment in nuclear power.  ‘We don’t do nuclear energy said World Bank president Jim Yong Kim as he and UN leader Ban Ki-moon outlined efforts to make sure all people have access to electricity by 2030.

Fukushima Residents are angry that the Japanese government passed a highly controversial state secrets protection bill through the House of Representatives just one day after they had voiced strong opposition to the legislation at a public hearing.

A report, ‘A New Clear Direction’ by the Medical Association for Prevention of War makes the case that there are alternative sources of isotopes for medical use, rather than nuclear power stations.  It is at