Nuclear Power

FIRE crews were called to an incident at a converter station at Hunterston for a £1bn, 260-mile undersea power cable between Scotland and England. There were reports of an explosion taking place at the site, and images appeared on social media of smoke coming from the scene. Scottish Fire and Rescue were called to the site near the Hunterston nuclear plant on Thursday afternoon.

Trident & Related News

Congratulations to ICAN on their Nobel Peace Prize! Our readers will know about ICAN's activities, including this one: On 20th September, the brand new Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons opened for signature.

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Green Party politician Mark Ruskell, says Stirling Council have failed to take any proactive steps to inform the public about risks from nuclear convoys or explain how it would respond to an incident.   The government is using the "extremely expensive" Hinkley Point C nuclear power statio…

Trident Nuclear Weapons

NIS (Nuclear Information Service) has released a report discussing the accident record of the UK's nuclear weapons programme over its 65 year history.

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The Government has been called “reckless and irresponsible” after it refused to send a single representative to United Nations (UN) talks about a ban on nuclear weapons.