Irradiated glaciers from the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters now threaten the environment as they could release their stored radiation particles at any moment. In a study presented at the European Geosciences Union's General Assembly, researchers discussed how ice and snow in glaciated areas can capture fallout from nuclear accidents and store them for long periods of time.

Russians build Nuclear Power Stations around the World

Rosatom and its subsidiaries have signed a number of agreements with countries planning to introduce nuclear power to their energy mix, including Azerbaijan, Congo, Cuba, Ethiopia, Serbia and Uzbekistan.

Nuclear waste disposal in Wales

  The Welsh Government is currently carrying out a 12-week consultation to see if anywhere in Wales would volunteer to be the home of a nuclear waste disposal site......Scotland and Northern Ireland have already ruled out hosting the dump in their countries.

Nuclear Power

Plans are being put in place to import radioactive waste from decommissioned nuclear power stations to Somerset.